The United Arab Emirates, otherwise known as the UAE has become an increasingly popular choice for hosting websites due to the quality of its infrastructure, its location on the Middle East’s oil rich coast and its comparatively cheap pricing compared to other countries. However, it is important to note that while being one of the cheapest places to host a website, the UAE does not have many options when it comes to the choice of web hosting servers. Since the internet is largely used in the UAE, most businesses and individuals there use the internet through their phones, mobile devices or wireless connections. As a result, when looking for a hosting server in the UAE you will be faced with two options – dedicated servers or VPS Hosting in UAE.

VPS Hosting in UAE is one of the more popular server choices for businesses in the UAE. The reason why VPS Hosting in UAE is popular stems from the fact that there are virtually no restrictions when it comes to using the hardware. In other words, you have full control over the operating system and software. Similarly, you can install any software and hardware in the machine and you can customise the operating system too. In addition, the cost of using VPS Hosting in UAE is generally less than what you would pay for dedicated servers. However, the trade off for this is that you will not have access to the root admin, which means that if anything goes wrong you will not have access to fix it yourself.

VPS Hosting in UAE comes with all the benefits of dedicated servers without having to give up unmanageable features such as root admin. However, when it comes to time, it is generally less than what you would experience with dedicated servers. This is because there are a lot of users on a single server and thus the demand for resources is great. In addition to that, the infrastructure provided by the company providing VPS Hosting in UAE is not high and hence they do not guarantee uptime at any point of time. For this you need to check with the hosting company that you choose.